I am…. Identity

When I am feeling out of sorts, the only way for me center myself is to get still and quiet with the Lord.  Remembering who I am in Him has an amazing way of chasing away fear and anxiety.  When I feel off I run to the Lord because I have learned He is what I need when I am afraid, or angry, or confused.  I don’t get off very often, but when I do I can usually trace it back to not enough time with Him or in His word.  Quiet time, for me, is an anchor to my soul.  When I can take even a few minutes first thing to get quiet and listen, it sets the stage for a day that is rooted in Him and that  equips me to handle whatever comes my way.

I found myself unsettled one day not long ago, and I did what I knew would get me settled and rooted.  As I got still I just started to state all the things I knew I was in Him.

I am complete in Him.

I am chosen, foreknown, predestined and called.

I am rooted and grounded in Him.

I am redeemed from the pit.

I am seated with Him in the heavenly places.

I am free.

In Him I have hope.

In Him my mourning has been turned into dancing.

I am pure and spotless.

I am adopted.

I am His child.

I am justified.

I am an heir.

I have been raised to walk in the newness of life.

I am led by the Spirit.

I am His beloved.

I am comforted.

I am an earthen vessel filled with His treasure.

I am the righteousness of God in Him.

I am redeemed from the curse of the law.

I am a son of Abraham.

I was chosen in Him before the foundations of the earth.

I am a citizen of heaven.

I have been raised with Him through the faith in the working of God.

I am hidden with Christ in God.

I am kept by the power of God.

I am a living stone.

I am part of the royal priesthood.

I am part of the chosen generation.

I am one of His own special people.

As I pondered these truths and let them soak into me, I realized that God called Himself “I am” because He is His identity.  We, on the other hand, must add something to the end of the statement “I am” because we have no identity outside of Him.  We can look to other things to give us our identity, but we have no identity within ourselves.  We look to other things to us identity because we weren’t created to have identity in ourselves.  We were created to reflect God and find our identity in His reflection in us.

The only place we can find identity that we cannot lose is in Him.  When we remember to let Him tell us who we are, nothing can shake us; nothing can take that identity away from us.  In Him we are complete.  Nothing can ever separate us from Him.

I can lose every other thing I try to find identity in because everything else is temporary.  I can lose being a mom, a wife, an artist.  I can lose my health, my beauty, my strength.  Everything on this earth can be taken from me.

But I belong to Him.  He purchased me.  No one can ever rip me out of His hands.  No one can separate or condemn me.  The “I am” that comes from the “I AM” is the only identity that can never be taken, never be shaken.  It is the only sure foundation I can put roots into.

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