When God Chases you around

My friend Kristy and I joke around all the time about how God chases us around.  The phrase is actually a take away from a Lysa Terkheurst bible study that we did last summer with some other friends.  I think the phrase really stuck with us because it is true.  God chases us around when He is trying to get our attention and teach us something.  It’s that sensation that everywhere you turn, everything you hear, read or see, in seemingly unrelated circumstances, there is an unrelenting drum beat of the message.  The rhythm  ricochets all around you until you finally say, “Okay I get it. I hear you God.  You have my attention.”

Well, God is chasing me.  He has been haunting every corner, causing all my reading, devotions, and anything else He can use to speak to me.

When I read todays passage in my reading guide, I said, “Okay, Okay, I hear you.”  I read, listened, and then opened my journal to write about it.  Then I realized the second way He was chasing me around. I decided to start a new blog months ago.  I registered this and all the other social media sites I wanted to use to interact with people a couple weeks ago.  Since then I have been sitting on it.  I have procrastinated writing the first post.  I have found other things to distract me.  I haven’t even told anyone about the new blog.  Now to be fair, this is a new blog format for me and I have been trying to get to know it and personalize it before launching, but that has also been a convenient excuse to keep me from actually taking the plunge.

As I began to write about what I heard Him telling me in my journal, I was overwhelmed with the sense that He wanted me to journal here.  I could have written about it in my safe little journal and then “put it up in here.”  But He knows me well and knows that writing for me is a pressure reliever.  If I get it out in the journal, I won’t put it here.  It’s like a pressure cooker.  Pressure builds and builds, so that it needs to be relieved.  If I write it in the journal I won’t feel the built up pressure and therefore will not feel the need to write here.  My journal and I may need to have a vacation from one another, so I will do what I have been feeling compelled to do for months start this blog and follow through with it consistently.

I also have decided that my blog posts need to be a more manageable length than they have been in the past.  I find overly long posts exhausting to read; maybe it is because my attention span it pretty short, but since I don’t like reading super long posts, I am going to attempt to consider that when I post.  What God was chasing me around about will have to be a later post.  (I am probably going to write it now, while it is fresh.  I can save it and publish it as another post later.)  Kind of like a cliff hanger.  🙂

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One Response to When God Chases you around

  1. Kristy says:

    I love that HE loves us enough to chase us! What a blessing you are to me and I treasure our friendship. Thanks for blogging about your walk, it is so inspiring!

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